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Meigan: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Meigan, a precious two-year-old girl, started preschool in LWB’s Believe in Me Jinjiang School just a few weeks ago.

She is very shy and was a little bit scared to begin her new “big girl” life, but we hope that she will settle in with ease as she gets to know her new teachers and routine. This beautiful girl is going to learn appropriate preschool manners, participate in art activities, and be exposed to writing and reading of Chinese pinyin. She will also be able to spend a lot of time enjoying organized play with her friends and daily nutritious snacks.

Meigan’s life will be forever changed by the socialization and other life experiences that will be a part of her schooling. She will have the opportunity to enjoy holiday celebrations and be a part of performances for Children’s Day and other holidays. We are so excited to be able to watch sweet Meigan’s personality bloom as she begins to trust her new teachers and friends. We hope that the teacher’s new training in circle time, calendar, weather, and other “preschool” curriculum will be the perfect fit for Meigan, and that she will absorb and enjoy every minute of her education.

Sponsors are needed to join us and Meigan on her new life adventure. Your donation of $25 per month will open up a whole new world to this sweet young girl. Sponsors will receive access to photos of Meigan and her friends, along with quarterly updates on her progress.

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