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One of the projects the team in Hunan worked on with the kids was their very own photo book. Our volunteers explained the importance to the staff how very important it is to both children and adoptive parents to have these memory books. One of my good friends who was a foster parent in Texas once told me a story about one of the kids she fostered. She would make every child who stayed with her a memory book, even if they were only in her home for a few days. Many years later, she came home one day to find a young man on her porch waiting for her. He had a worn memory book in his hand. He told her, “you may not remember me, but you fostered me many years ago and gave me this book before I left your care.” He then went on to tell her, “it is my most prized possession because someone had taken the time to believe that my life was important”.
That is what we want for every child in our school program. Here is what our team in China wrote today:

“We gave the children their photo albums this afternoon, it was just like Christmas morning for them. They were so happy to see their pictures and to have their own special book.”

We loved this photo of one of the students looking through her very own photo album.

And we know you will love seeing this photo of the Believe in Me Too class of 2008!

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