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Meredith: A Medical Success Story

Meredith was born in 2011 in Shaanxi Province.  Her family includes her father and mother, plus her paternal grandparents, both of whom have medical issues requiring medication. Meredith’s mother stays at home to care for Meredith and the grandparents.  Meredith’s father works as a day laborer, so his income isn’t stable to support the entire family of five people.Meredith 1

When Meredith was one month old, she was diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD).  The doctors recommended that she have surgery immediately, but her parents couldn’t afford this expensive medical cost on their family’s earnings.  Hoping to raise the funds, they continued to postpone Meredith’s surgery.

Meredith 4

Now four years old, the doctors have said Meredith just couldn’t wait any longer.  Her family applied to our Unity Initiative for assistance, and we were thankful that we could offer her family the remaining funds to get her surgery immediately.

Meredith 2

We are happy to report that Meredith’s surgery went very well.  She spent a day in the ICU and then was able to transfer to the regular ward.  After two days, she was able to sit up and take semi-liquid food.  Five days post surgery, she was up and walking around the ward!  She was discharged just a week after surgery.

Meredith 5

We wish Meredith and her family all the best in the future!

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