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Mia: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Featured Child Mia

Mia is a precious four-year-old who is new to LWB’s Believe in Me Huainan School. She is a bright and healthy girl who is excited to be going to school. We are happy for the opportunities afforded her through this new experience, and her teachers are eager to touch the heart and mind of Mia and all of their students, full of new ideas from their summer training that they are so excited to share. Mia will get to experience days filled with beauty through art and music, wonder through poetry and nursery rhymes, and wisdom through math and Chinese.

Believe in Me school classroom

Like many young children, Mia dreamed of going to school like the older kids. Now that her dream is becoming a reality, the only challenge is that Mia, and many of her friends, need sponsors to help fund their education. What once was a school easily funded has become a challenge to keep financially sound. This is primarily due to requirements that we pay for insurance and pension for the school’s staff. We are so¬†grateful that we are allowed to provide these benefits to our teachers and aides, but it has placed a heavy financial burden on our school.

Mia with friend

However, a price tag cannot be placed on the chance for Mia and other students to read a book, see a smiling adult face, and express and be shown love. For only $25 per month, our sponsors will provide these priceless gifts to Mia and will receive quarterly updates and photos on her progress. Won’t you consider helping this precious young girl receive the gift of education?

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