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Michael’s Journey

Michael, from LWB’s Sanmenxia Foster Care Program, was recently adopted! Throughout his journey with us, he continually amazed us with the amount of progress he made in terms of his health and development. He is truly a fighter and overcame so much in his first two years of life.

Michael beginning FC

Michael first came into LWB’s care at our Henan Healing Home because he was diagnosed with a rare condition called “cleft trachea.” His orphanage had great difficulty feeding him, and our healing home nannies had to learn how to feed him with a syringe. Gradually Michael began gaining weight, and he was able to successfully have cleft lip surgery at LWB’s cleft exchange in Kaifeng in April last year.


Michael B & A4 resizedMichael, before and after surgery

After surgery Michael moved into LWB’s Sanmenxia Foster Care Program, where he absolutely thrived!

Michael w foster mom

Michael is now walking, talking, and eating solid foods.  He always kept his foster parents amused with his funny antics. Michael recently celebrated his second birthday, and his foster parents said that he walked around the home saying “Michael is already a grown up!” We love his new confidence!

Michael resized

He was a favorite in his neighborhood and was often found outside playing. He is very social and spoke to people he met on the street while going to the store with his foster mother. His foster parents were originally worried that Michael’s cleft palate would make it difficult for him to speak and eat, but he has once again proven what a little fighter he is.

Michael and his foster parents 8.13

While we will miss receiving Michael’s updates every month, we are sure he will continue to thrive on his journey through life.  We wish all the best to Michael and his new family!

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