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Mikel: LWB’s Story of the Month


Mikel is a handsome eight-year-old boy who attends LWB’s Believe in Me school inside his orphanage in Shanxi Province. Our teachers absolutely love him and say he is a very well behaved little boy who listens well in class and always wants to finish his projects.


Born with a congenital limb difference of missing his right forearm, it sometimes takes him longer than other classmates when cutting with scissors or coloring, but Mikel never seems to get frustrated. He simply takes his time to complete his work, always with a positive attitude and gentle smile. Mikel’s teachers report that he is a very confident little boy.


He loves helping them with classroom tasks, such as setting up the desk chairs each day or handing out worksheets and class materials. His favorite times in school are either music lessons or when the teacher tells them stories. Mikel also loves playing with balls and doing any activity with his best friend, Alma.


Mikel’s adoption paperwork has not been filed yet, but we continue to advocate for him to get a chance at a family of his own. Until that happens, we are so thankful that he can be part of our education program.

Everyone who sponsors a child in our Believe in Me schools is bringing the joy of art, music, and learning to orphaned children each day….and we are so grateful!

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  • chinalwb says:

    Hi Beth! Thanks so much for your interest in Mikel. Unfortunately, he is not available for international adoption at this time. However, LWB will continue to support his education in our Believe in Me school as long as it’s needed.

  • Beth Johnson says:

    I want to adopt Mikel.