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Milk Recall Update

A few orphanages that we work with had not done testing yet when we reported earlier. We have been back in contact and the results follow:


Foshan Shunde, Guangdong: The children have been examined, and the orphanage reports that all are fine. 


Fuyang, Anhui: Two babies have tested positive for kidney stones. Both of these children arrived at the orphanage about one month ago. All of the other children are fine, drinking Nestle formula, and we assume that this is a situation that arose because of formula given before the children came to the Fuyang orphanage. 


Huainan, Anhui: The children have been examined and two babies are mildly affected. They are being treated in the orphanage.


Nanchuan, Chongqing: The children have been examined and the orphanage reports all are fine.


Xiushan, Chongqing: All the children have been examined…the report is not yet back but they do not anticipate any problem since they use Nestle formula exclusively.


Deyang, Sichuan: They will be testing soon but do not see any obvious problems.


As mentioned before, it seems likely that this problem goes back to 2006 and we have also seen unconfirmed reports that children adopted in 2005 have been affected. There is no way to know for certain if your child ever received tainted milk products (either infant formula or adult milk powder), so please check with your pediatrician if you have any concerns; particularly if your child has experienced urinary tract infections. We will continue to update our blog as we receive information.   



Jan Champoux 

Nutrition Director

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