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Mind Stretching At Our Believe in Me Schools

A mind that is stretched by new experiences never goes back to its old dimensions. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

BIM Qingyang Martin Lara Breanne Devin 3.16

Children living in orphanages are often not able to attend public school due to their special needs.  As a result, we created our Believe in Me schools, located directly inside several orphanages throughout China. These schools serve children who may not otherwise have a chance to receive an education. We’d like to share some of our students and their daily activities with you so you can see what kind of mind-stretching goes on in our Believe in Me schools!

BIM Jinjiang 3.16A Believe in Me teacher uses fresh peppers to demonstrate colors…and healthy eating!

Will Harrison BIM Jinjiang 3.16Will Harrison’s art project inspired by the pepper lesson

Ricky Howard coloring BIM Jinjiang 2.16Ricky and Howard color lanterns in honor of the Spring Festival. Nice job, boys!

Ricky BIM Jinjiang 2.16Working on an art project

Karli DianeKarli and Diane work with their teacher on math skills.

Ricky counting bears BIM Jinjiang 2.16Ricky uses counting bears to work on his counting and sorting skills.

Martin Barry BIM 3.16Who can resist playing in water? Not Martin and Barry!

Martin Lara 3.16Doing the dishes can be fun (and a bit wet…)

Sarah Diane 12.15Diane serving her friend Sarah a snack

Victor snack 12.15Victor is about to enjoy some milk with his snack.

Isaac brushing teeth 11.15Isaac is learning about keeping his teeth clean through our Lifetime of Smiles Dental Program

Melissa Felicia BIM Shaoguan 2.16Melissa and Felicia enjoying some outside time

Ricky playground BIM Jinjiang 2.16Way to get to the top, Ricky!

We are so pleased to be able to provide a fun and stimulating learning environment for children in our Believe in Me orphanage schools. If you would like to help support a student in one of schools, please be sure to visit our Education sponsorship page!

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