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Mindy: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Five-year-old Mindy has joined LWB’s newest foster care program in Lanzhou. Described as optimistic, outgoing, and loveable, Mindy is certainly proving popular in her neighborhood. She often invites her little friends home to play.


Mindy and her older foster sister love to play “house” together. Mindy’s family has a little dog that she loves to play with and take for a walk after dinner with her foster sister.


In all her photos, Mindy’s personality really shines through. She is always smiling and joking around.


Mindy is in need of two sponsors at $40 per month to cover her monthly foster care expenses. Each sponsor will receive monthly reports and photos of this dear little girl and will be able to follow her progress along with us over the coming months.


Thank you for reading about Mindy. We look forward to seeing her continue to thrive in foster care!

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