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Miracle In a Can: Preemie Formula

Special Formula

Miracle in a can. That is what preemie formula is for preemie babies. Preemie babies who were not quite ready to come into the world, whose tummies can’t process regular formula yet, whose little bodies struggle. In many cases, preemie formula is the key to helping a preemie baby gain weight and strength and continue to fight.


A few weeks ago LWB was asked to take in a tiny preemie who was found weighing just 1 kg. Gideon was taken immediately to the best children’s hospital in his province, where he was admitted to the NICU. Gideon is making slow but steady progress, and he will need this very specialized formula to survive.


In China, preemie formula costs nearly $250 per case, and we are continually supplying this special formula to the most fragile babies who come into our hands. Your donation in any amount will help Gideon and other babies like him continue their fight.

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