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Miracle Maddox Gets Another Chance

A heart attack is something many of us associate with an older person. Yet even children can have heart attacks. Yesterday we learned that little Maddox, a child from our Unity Initiative waiting to receive funding for heart surgery, had a heart attack. Maddox was rushed to the nearest hospital and thankfully was stabilized. Now, however, he needs a pacemaker to help control his heart’s rhythms and prevent another attack while he waits for his surgery.


Just four years old, Maddox lives in a rural area in Anhui province. His household of nine family members struggles to make a living farming less than one-half acre of farmland that they own. His grandparents, his uncle’s family, and his own family live together in a four-room brick house.


Maddox’s grandparents are frail and require a lot of assistance and medical attention. His mother has lupus and therefore has a hard time being active; she also requires medical assistance. Maddox’s father has tried to get jobs around town as a cook to help pay for his wife and son’s medical expenses. However, he has difficulty keeping a job because every time his wife or son requires hospitalization, he has to take time off and often ends up losing his job.

This family is very poor and carry a great deal of medical debt from caring for the other family members who need medical assistance. They were unable to pay for the heart surgery that Maddox needs and came to LWB for help.

Maddox’ father writes:

All relatives and friends have already extended their hands to help us, large or small. We cannot borrow money from them any longer….We’re desperately  at the end of our rope.  If my son die because of no money to cure, it would be another tragedy for the whole family. I herein plead to give your helpful hand and save my son, save my poor son. Thank you!

Over $3,600 is currently needed to help cover the costs of Maddox’ pacemaker and heart surgery. Would you consider helping Maddox have another chance at health?  Donations in any amount are gratefully accepted!

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  • chinalwb says:

    Hi Linda. We rarely receive updates on children we help through our Unity Initiative once they are discharged as it can be difficult for their families to take photos and stay in contact with our team members. We haven’t heard anything further about Maddox. Thanks very much for asking about him, though!

  • Lina says:

    Is there an update on this sweet boy?