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We arrived early at the home today to be able to see the morning routine. The babies get their baths and their vitamins in the morning. You’ve already seen bath time which they love. They aren’t so fond of vitamins!

Next we went to Anhui Children’s Hospital for a tour of the facility that is being so gracious to help us care for the children in our home. We enjoyed a LONG traditional Chinese lunch with the Vice President of ACH, Dr. Huang He. Then we returned to the home for a bittersweet farewell to the babies and the nannies.

I felt like I was leaving my first child at college again. I know they are ready to run the home on their own, we’ve seen first hand how accomplished they are. But at the same time we were very sad to leave the children we have grown to love in a short time.

We were unable to hold back our tears as we left. One nanny helped us carry our bags to the van (did I mention down 6 flights of stairs??). Before we closed the door of the van she said “Put down your heart, we’ll do our very best.” I know they will.

Off to sleep before the long trip home. Sweet dreams!

Sandi Glass
ACHH Coordinator

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  • Blogs For Babies says:

    Oh yuk! I remember those days of vitamins! The babies still look like I could sqeeze them up!