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Monday in Shanghai

Part 2 of our blog on the Shanghai Neurosurgery Mission, in partnership with the Shepherd’s Crook Ministries.


We got the wonderful news today that all five children having surgery on Monday had very successful operations! Tingting said it was beyond words to share the excitement with the doctors and caregivers seeing such big spinal tumors being removed and knowing the kids had a great chance at a healthy life.

Remember Wendy from yesterday? The little girl who admitted she was afraid? She came out of the OR awake, and even gave everyone a smile, but then she quickly fell asleep again. When she woke up, Tingting asked her in her ear how she felt, and she said “happy”, even though her hand was hurting from the IV. Tingting told her to be brave and strong, and she nodded and smiled. What a sweet, sweet child.

Poor little Jacob came out so very hungry since he couldn’t eat the whole night before. He was crying, but his caregiver was patiently patting his back and sitting right by him. She kept looking at the clock over and over as she couldn’t wait for the time to pass so it would be safe for her to feed him again.

Another baby girl who had arrived in Shanghai with an enormous tumor on her back came out of surgery sleeping peacefully. When she first came out, they allowed her to lie on her back for a couple of hours. Everyone felt it was amazing to see this baby finally able to lie in that position as her lump was just so huge before. They all said that was why she was sleeping so soundly!

Little Naomi was a fighter – as everyone knew she would be. This gorgeous little baby is so attached to her foster mom and she wants no one else to be near her. Dr. Bao, the neurosurgeon, met her and said he wished he could just adopt her on the spot, but she would have nothing to do with him! (nor any other volunteer). She cried all the way into the OR once they took her away from her caregiver, and she came out crying as well. Her foster mom wanted to pick her up so badly and it was so hard on her that she couldn’t right away, so she was talking non stop in Naomi’s ear and patting her to sleep.

Tingting said that she was just so touched by how loving and caring the caregivers are. When the babies cried their way into the OR, she knew it broke their hearts as when the aunties and foster moms came back into the waiting room, they were all in tears. Tingting told them all they should try to take a nap during the surgeries, as they probably wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight since the babies would be uncomfortable. but none of them took a nap. They were waiting anxiously for news on their babies, and they even refused to eat. She said they were truly restless counting every minute until their babies came out.

We also want to say a huge thanks to our volunteers in Shanghai. They helped bathe the babies and had so much fun. They also held the babies and brought food and snacks for the aunties, and just generally did anything asked of them. One wonderful volunteer named Pam came in yesterday for the first time after lunch. Tingting took her to each room and introduced her to each baby, and after meeting them all, Pam took Tingting’s hands and said “thank you”. Later that afternoon, Tingting had to join in on a doctor’s meeting for surgical plans and then later than night she went home. Today when she went to the hospital, she learned that Pam had never left. She had stayed over night watching the babies so that all the caregivers could try to get some sleep. She even went out to buy the caregivers pajamas, toothpaste and shampoo/shower gels. And tonight she is coming back to do the same thing. There are just so many kind and wonderful people in this world.

We also want to mention that a restaurant in Pudong is donating all of the lunches for this mission. The “House of Flour” (www.houseofflour.com) is providing incredible food and even sent over a beautiful birthday cake for one of the doctors who had a birthday today. The people in Shanghai are going above and beyond for these kids. If you get a moment, drop them a line and tell the owners (Brian and David) that what they are doing is great!
Thanks EVERYONE for your thoughts and prayers for these gorgeous kids.

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