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Montessori Training for Two Teachers from Changzhi

Two teachers from Changzhi SWI in Shanxi province, Qin Ya Feng and Fu Ni Na, had Montessori teacher training in Beijing from July 1 through July 11.  We enjoyed reading the report they recently submitted and wanted to share some translated excerpts with our readers:

During the 10 days of training, we found the Montessori teaching enviroment and activities to be brand new and very attractive.  This new teaching method brings a lot of joy and fun to the kids as well as real freedom and independence.   Montessori’s teaching goal is to respect the kids and their needs.  We learned that the kids are the main operators of the activities in Montessori education.  The ultimate goal is to make the kids develop healthily and happily. Even the order in which the teaching materials are put in the cabinets are well organized so that the kids can form good habits and choose their materials freely according to their different ages.

We also learned the importance of where to put the materials, how to operate the activities, and the order in which to do them.  One example we learned was how to cook mooncakes.  First you choose the materials, match the materials, mix them and hammer them, make them and bake them, and clean the oven.  The whole procedure is very strict and organized.  With regards to teaching numbers, students are required to take teaching sticks out one by one and not all at the same time.

Montessori teaching emphasizes that the kids do all the activities independently, and they learn something from playing all kinds of activities.

Home can give the kids a sense of safety.  We will try to make our classroom like a home and will include items such as lamps, couches, photos, green plants, etc. A home environment helps the kids become more willing to learn.  We believe this is particularly important for the kids in the orphanage.  Although they have no real homes, we can tell them that the classroom is their home so that they can feel the warmth of this kind of environment.

Through this training, we enhanced our teaching methods and know many new methods. We look forward to using these methods in our teaching in the near future.  We are very proud of working in Changzhi SWI as teachers, and we thank LWB for giving us this opportunity to learn Montessori teaching training.

We know that the students in our Changzhi Believe in Me School will benefit enormously from their new inspiration and ideas!

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