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More Favorite Moments From Our Education Program in 2016

Join us as we share more of our favorite moments from our Education programs in 2016!

Gansu province is known for being quite windy in the spring time. The students at our Believe in Me orphanage school in Lanzhou were quite happy with this wind as it meant they had the chance to get outside to fly some kites.

Taylor may only have one hand, but he looks like he has mastered the art of kite flying nevertheless.

Melissa is about ready to take off with her kite!

The students in our Believe in Me orphanage school in Qingyang school had the chance to take a field trip the grocery store this past June. This sort of outing is something most children might take for granted, but for children in an orphanage, it is a fun and educational chance to get out into the community as well as learn about money and different types of food.

Samuel counts the apples.

Mathew enjoyed choosing some noodles.

Sarah enjoys a treat after their shopping expedition. Sarah is one of the Believe in Me students who was adopted this year. She’s now home with her forever family!

In July, plans were afoot for our very popular Life Skills Camp.

We brought 48 students from orphanages across China to Beijing for a week.  They were shown the wonderful sights of Beijing and Beidaihe and were also given lessons on valuable life skills.

During the week they learned how they were special and had sessions on self esteem, sex education, self-defense, and handling their finances.

Self-defense class

On the last night they all took part in a talent show.  The favorite act was the group of teens from the Lanzhou orphanage!

The week of Life Skills Camp had a profound effect on the teens, and we received many letters from them afterwards telling us how they now realized that there were people in the world who cared about them.

They understood not only how to conduct themselves in the world outside of the orphanage, but also that they mattered and could make a difference in this world.

In August, our CEO, Amy Eldridge, visited an impoverished village in Uganda and on behalf of LWB, agreed to fund the building of a school in that village.  The children were currently having their lessons in a wooden shack with dirt floors and no electricity or desks or tables — obviously, less than ideal.

Construction soon started on our first Believe In Me school outside of China.

The children of Believe in Me Kabale were absolutely delighted when they got their first glimpse of their new school building.

They were literally singing and dancing with joy!

The new school building is due to open very soon, and we cannot wait to update you on the progress of these beautiful children.

Many of the children who attend this school suffer from severe malnutrition, and so we have started serving breakfast and lunch to the children.  Children with empty tummies cannot reach their full potential. We have already begun to see some of these children make great gains in their growth since they are receiving more than one meal per day.

We’re so excited with our Education program’s expansion to Uganda! Tomorrow, read more about our new programs in Cambodia and how we ended the year.

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