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More of The Year in Foster Care: 2016

This week, we continue to highlight some of the exciting developments in our foster care program.

Join us as we remember what happened in the middle of 2016!

We were initially disappointed to discover that we could not purchase a special walker for ten-year-old Ben from Xinzhou, who has cerebral palsy. To buy one overseas and get it to China was not going to be cheap, or easy.

However, one of our sponsors quickly came forward to help. We were delighted when the manufacturer agreed to donate the walker, and then everything just ‘fell into place’ like dominoes.

Ben received the walker and began to learn how to use it. We love the smile on his face as he gains a bit more independence!

We also had another kind supporter donate and carry a walker over to Anhui for Freya to use to improve her mobility. Both Freya and her foster family arethrilled with the possibilities that have opened up for her.

Adoptions are always a highlight for everyone involved in LWB — especially when a child has benefited from multiple programs and who has touched so many hearts: Little Joe is one such child. After being abandoned at an orphanage in Anhui, this tiny baby was rushed to hospital after being found with the rare condition of gastroschisis in which some of his organs were outside of his body.

Our Medical team and donors were instrumental in ensuring that Little Joe received life-saving medical treatment. The loving and attentive nannies at our healing home ensured that he gained strength. and before long his gentle and happy personality began to shine out of his photos.

Four months later he found himself in the loving arms of a foster family in Zhang Village who doted on both him and his older foster brother, Etan. In May, a family in China decided that he was their son and completed his adoption.

And so Little Joe begins a new, but very important chapter in his life, thanks to so many people that cared for and loved him during his first two years of life.

Ivy and Simon were adopted in July, and what links them is that they both had medical intervention. Foster Care works hand-in-hand with our medical program to ensure that the children receive the medical care that they need. Ivy received heart surgery when she was two years old.

This beautiful little girl recovered beautifully and lived in foster care in Qiandongnan until her adoption at age four.

Simon received medical treatment twice while he lived in foster care, the last time being in February of 2016 when he fractured his pelvis.

Simon also benefited from being a part of our education program in Huainan We couldn’t be happier for Ivy and Simon that we could play a part in helping them heal — and find their forever families!

This month, we celebrated seven adoptions! Two of these adoptions were Aaron and Caleb. One part of what makes them unique is that both boys were a part of multiple LWB programs. Both boys lived in our healing homes, both had medical intervention, and both were part our education program.

We couldn’t be happier knowing that they were adopted together and today are thriving with their loving family — as brothers!

In tomorrow’s blog, we wrap up on look back at 2016 and look forward to what lies ahead for our foster care program in 2017.

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