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More Winter News

As we reported yesterday, all of the orphanages where we have our education and foster care programs have reported that they are doing surprisingly well during the storm. We are so happy to get this news. These include Changde, Loudi, Huainan, Dingyuan, LuAn, XiaoXian, Kaifeng, Xinxiang, Shantou, Jinjiang, Jingzhou, Zhengzhou and Zhaotong. All the Xiangtan foster families are doing well. Fuyang is reporting an urgent need for coal funding because of how much they had to use to keep the babies warm during the worst part of the storm.

The Guangdong orphanages which we help with medical have reported no snow (only rain) and all have said the children are doing fine.

Today we received a phone call from the Shangrao Ling orphanage director in Jiangxi province. We provide surgical care to many of their children, as well as nutrition for 20 babies there. They reported that their area is a real disaster, with no electricity or water supply. Another round of snow is expected on February 10th. The director has asked for warm winter clothing and quilts for the children.

We have already made arrangements to have 100 quilts sent immediately and new coats and clothing as well. Please keep all of the children from Shangrao in your thoughts and prayers.

Director Xu of Xiushan SWI reported that they had their power and water supply cut for two weeks, and it was a very difficult time as the snow did not allow for the delivery of supplies. The local government worked very hard to get everything restored to normal for the orphans as quickly as possible. The children are all doing fine now, and they notified several agencies which called in the last few days that there are no current needs. They expressed thanks to all adoptive families who were so concerned during the snow disaster.

Other orphanages which have said they are doing well include Shucheng in Anhui and Xinfeng in Jiangxi. Both of those directors thank the adoptive families for their concern and wish everyone a happy new year.

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