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Morgan’s Eyes

Morgan is 3 ½ years old and is new to our foster care program in Guizhou. When our Foster care team saw Morgan’s photo, they felt that he was in need of urgent medical attention.

We were able to connect Morgan and his foster family with a wonderful eye hospital in Yunnan, and the chief surgeon asked them to travel to the hospital immediately.

Doctors at the eye hospital determined that Morgan has congenital corneal leucoma and glaucoma, or intraocular pressure. This pressure can cause pain similar to headaches all the way up to migraine-level pain. Untreated, it eventually damages the optic nerve, the nerve sends images to the brain, and can cause blindness.  We don’t yet know if Morgan’s sight will be saved.

While surgery will hopefully give Morgan some relief, what he needs long-term is a permanent family. We understand that Morgan’s orphanage is preparing his adoption file now, so hopefully in the next few months he will be available for adoption!

Next week, this sweet boy will be receiving surgery which will offer him some relief from the pressure which has built up in his eyes as well as give him the best chance possible for saving his sight. Between having a new foster family, doctor visits and upcoming surgery, we know that little Morgan must be feeling some trepidation. We would surely appreciate donations in any amount to help with the costs of this surgery, as well as thoughts and prayers on Morgan’s behalf.

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