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Mountains, Memories, and Motivation: Bekah’s Watermelon Run 2016

On August 26 and 27, I had the pleasure of accompanying my mother to Littleton, Colorado to run the second annual “Bekah’s Watermelon Run.” This run is in memory of a little girl named Bekah who had once lived at LWB’s Heartbridge Healing Home, which is how my mother knew her (she volunteers as coordinator for the home).


Bekah had been adopted by a lovely family who cherished and loved her as she did the same. Eight months after Bekah met her family, she had her second heart surgery that she needed to survive, but sadly she never woke up afterwards. In her memory, her parents have now organized a run to raise money for “other little Bekahs” to be helped by Love Without Boundaries.

The “Run, Walk or Roll” event took place in breathtaking Clement Park, with the course being twice around Johnson Reservoir with gorgeous mountains in the background.

I do have to say, the park is very clean and well-kept. Along the route were photos of Bekah so all the runners/walkers/strollers or wheelchairs knew why they were running this race. It helped motivate me to keep going every time I saw that little girl smiling.

It was a little difficult for me personally to run with the higher altitude. I am used to the Nebraskan air, so my throat and lips were very dry. It didn’t really matter to me because I knew I was doing this for a great cause.

I am very glad I got to participate in Bekah’s Watermelon Run and got the pleasure of meeting Bekah’s wonderful family.

bekahs-run-erin-jan-emily-2016Bekah’s mom Erin, my mom Jan, and me

Bekah was a very special girl, and she continues to make a wonderful difference in the world.


She has certainly made a difference to me.

~Emily Champoux

About 100 people participated live in the event, with another few running in Bekah’s memory in events local to them. 

An incredibly generous donation of $28,350 was given to LWB’s Medical program! These funds will make such a difference to kids like Bekah in need of medical treatment and care. 

Lindsey, Bekah’s sister who had the idea for Bekah’s Watermelon Run, is second from the right. 

We are beyond grateful to Bekah’s’ family and everyone who participated and gave from their hearts to make this event such a success.

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