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Mr. Serious

This stoic-looking fellow, Kirk, has the honor of being one of last year’s “auction babies” who received his gift of surgery with help from our Born In My Heart art auction.

Born in November 2007 with complex heart issues, Kirk had a rough start in life. Thanks to our auction supporters, he was able to have surgery in July of last year, and a few weeks later he moved to our Heartbridge Pediatric Healing Unit. In this loving environment, with a doctor and nurse on hand at all times, we knew Kirk had the very best chance for healing and growing strong enough for his next procedure.

Above is Kirk, just a few weeks after surgery and ready to move to Heartbridge.

With such a difficult start in life, Kirk had much to learn and experience when he arrived. Above you can see him, just three months later as his personality…and hair…began to emerge. He is a well-behaved little boy, and he loves “floor time.” After eight months at heartbridge, he is now strong enough to work on his creeping and crawling skills, and his nannies report that he is really quite active. He scoots around in his walker and babbles happily to the nannies.

I think he looks quite manly in his little pink jammies! As you can see, Kirk has the cutest smile, although our manager Cindy reports that she sometimes has to really work for it. After her latest visit Cindy said, “today his smile was like a shooting star, only there for a second.” As you can see below, he really just wanted the comfort of a good snuggle with his nanny. He is such a love!

Kirk is in need of additional sponsors, as he continues to grow stronger and prepare for his next surgery. We have learned that his file is with an adoption agency in the US, and we are confident that Kirk will be blessing a family with his very special smiles and snuggles some day soon. To sponsor Kirk, please visit:


Jan Champoux is Heartbridge Coordinator for Love Without Boundaries Foundation. She lives in Nebraska, USA with husband Rob and four children. Jan and Rob have two “homegrown” teenagers, a son adopted from Korea, and a daughter adopted from China.

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  • Amanda says:

    This is the li’l man in pink camou that I fell in love with in August. He and I spent several hours together one day. SO PRECIOUS.