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Music and Dancing!

Today was a day for music and dancing – for the babies that is! The nannies had music playing all over the house on the cd players we bought yesterday. we have two short videos that we will load once we figure out how of the nannies dancing with the babies and all the babies playing with the gyms that were donated. Some of them are starting to swing out their hands to touch the toys, a big step.

We completed developmental checklists for all the babies today. As expected they are behind developmentally, but the nannies are working hard to catch them up.

My daughter and I re-organized the clothes today and made sure every baby has enough clothes in their drawers. We made tags for the dressers and the clip boards containing the babies charts. They each have a basket for their vitamins and any other medicine they may need.

Oh and when we arrived at the house, new light fixtures were being installed all over the house (we had dangling light bulbs before). It is really starting to look and SOUND like a home! The babies are getting noisier and more demanding which is great.

Tomorrow is our last day and it will be so hard to leave these babies. Please know that you are making a big difference in their lives! It’s an early morning for us tomorrow, we’re going for bath time so we can weigh all the babies!

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