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Music to our Ears

The children in LWB Education are blessed by so many people. There are those that pray for the children in our programs, those that generously give of their finances to support our schools and those that work directly with the children. When we recently asked one of our monitors how she felt about working for LWB, she said:

“Frankly speaking, I love this job. Whenever I stay with the kids, I feel very grateful because I can do something for them, for the special children. And most important is I know what love is and how to love others. This is very crucial in my whole life.”

Our monitor’s words were music to our ears. We are so pleased that in our school programs we are not doing “for” the children. Rather, we are working alongside compassionate, kind people all over China that have the best interest of the children in their hearts. Every single person that offers their prayers, financially supports our schools, or works directly in our programs makes a world of difference to each and every child. We can only continue because of kindness such as this.

Linda Mitchell
Education Director

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