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One of the latest reports on baby Millie at the cleft home read “Millie must be the chubbiest baby at our home. She is a bit over weight. The nannies have to be careful not to feed her too much”. We’ve heard it said that a fat baby is a happy baby, but these words take on even greater meaning when they are said of a child born with a cleft lip and palate.

Aren’t I just precious?

To read that a child with an unrepaired cleft lip and palate is “a bit over weight” means that the cleft home is doing exactly that which it intends to do! With your generous support, and the loving care of our nannies in China, these vulnerable children are receiving the intensive care, support, and love they need to grow big and strong—big enough and strong enough to have surgery which will forever change the child’s life. Thank you for making this possible, we could not run the home, or support any of our programs, without your unending support.

Look how big I’ve grown!

Of course, there is more to Millie than just her appetite! She is a happy little girl who likes watching the nannies’ expressions when they are talking amongst themselves, and cuddling up with her nanny. She also loves to babble and play with the other babies on the floor.

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