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My Forever Family

Darling Malia seems to have a firm grasp on the photo album in her hands. She has been excitedly studying the people in this album….people who are about to be her forever family! Hopefully, Malia and her new family will meet in January. What a life-changing day that will be!

Malia is a lively two year old who has been thriving in our Kaifeng Foster Care program in Henan province for nearly a year and a half. When this program began three years ago, there were just five children placed in foster homes; now, there are over twenty! Being in a loving, attentive home has helped Malia and other children like her to blossom and become ready to become part of a forever family.

In honor of National Adoption Awareness month, we celebrate the fact that over 500 children from our foster care program have found their forever families. We know that these children and their families will always be grateful for the devoted care that their foster families provided while they were waiting to be united.

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