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My, oh my, look how I’ve changed!

Louis when he first came to the home . . .

Louis came to the home in the heat of July as a small little guy with a bilateral cleft.  When he first arrived, he slept all the time!  He steadily grew in strength and size over the next three months, and had surgery during our cleft mission trip last month.  I thought you would enjoy seeing these before and after pictures. Doesn’t he look great??

And Louis a few weeks post-surgery!

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  • Mrs. Edith Chute says:

    I am Louis’ new grandma, my daughter and son in law are currently in China and will be flying home today. Thank you very much for your aid for the little guy, you can be assured that he has found a very loving forever family. He will join his oldest sister (also a Chinese adoption) and his twin brother and sister in a family which is determined to give him every chance togrow and succeed .
    Thank you again.