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Nan: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Adequate nutrition is important for the success of all students. Nutrition positively influences a student’s cognitive development and helps improve both academic learning and in-school behavior. With a full tummy, students are free to concentrate on school, rather than feeling hungry and worrying about when their next meal will be.

Our hope for the students in LWB’s Believe In Me schools is that they will have the brightest future possible. Good nutrition during their school years is vitally important for them to grow strong, establish healthy habits, and do well in the classroom. LWB supporters help provide this essential nutrition for our students to succeed in school and in life.

We are seeking sponsors to help fund a school nutrition program at our Believe in Me Liupanshui School, our newest school, located in the Guizhou Province. Your monthly donation of $20 will help Nan, a wonderful boy in this new school, and his classmates receive adequate nutrition and tummy-filling foods. Sponsors will receive quarterly updates on the students in the Liupanshui classroom.

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