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Nancy: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

The idea of attending a boarding school for some teenagers might seem like a confinement from home comforts and a rigid studious environment. For others the idea may sound like a dream. For Nancy, it is a dream.

Featured child Nancy

Nancy is 15 and in her second year of high school. Her tenacity and eagerness to learn have brought her to the attention of LWB’s Education Program’s Sunflower Project. Nancy strives for success despite tremendous adversity. Because her handicapped mother is unable to work, the family’s main source of support is from her father’s work as a porter in a brick factory. There is no money to buy clothes, and Nancy gratefully accepts the clothing donated to her. There are no home comforts, and her bed is a plywood board on stilts. The family finances do not cover Nancy’s schooling costs. A boarding school for Nancy will mean the simple comforts of a warm room and soft bed. Most importantly for Nancy, however, will be the opportunity to study and work toward creating a better life for herself and her family.

LWB is pleased to sponsor this precious young lady and to help her reach her educational goals. Sponsorships are $20 per month, and sponsors will receive quarterly updates and photos on Nancy’s progress. They also will have the opportunity write letters of encouragement to this impressive young woman!

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