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Naughty AND Nice!

Last week we received our December nutrition update from our monitor, Lisa, in Dingyuan. Judging from the photographs, Lisa had a particular favorite–little Ying here. There were lots and lots of pictures of Ying!

Lisa tells us that the nannies reported that Ying is always a smiley, happy baby. Sure enough, when the nanny held out a snack, Ying gave her very sweetest smile! Of course she was rewarded generously.

Lisa helped Ying to put on her socks, which she had kicked off in her crib. Ying gave a naughty look and immediately pulled them back off with a grin and a giggle. It’s such a treat for a child to have a new audience for their favorite old tricks! It’s also wonderful to see the children looking so fit and feisty.

Wishing all of you joy, happiness, and a little bit of naughtiness this holiday season!

Your LWB Nutrition Team

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