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Needed: A Few Experts

Love Without Boundaries has many education projects in China, but our newest endeavor is the creation of essential “Life Skills” curriculum to help children in orphanages who have aged out of the adoption system without finding a permanent family.  (To get a glimpse into this program’s genesis, please read our blog from last summer:”Life Skills:  Cook, Shop, Enjoy!“)

Life Skills Rice

Our Life Skills and Community Bridging Project is almost ready to launch its trial phase in China this summer.  A wonderful volunteer team has spent the entire past year researching, compiling information and developing a strong curriculum for the older orphaned children in China who will soon find themselves living on their own. The Life Skills program will bring these deserving kids a week-long opportunity to learn some much needed skills while making memories, earning awards and building their self-esteem.

Life Skills Chopping

Before we send everything to China for final approval, we have asked experts on this side of the ocean to review what has been compiled.  We have three sections left which still need review.  The lessons are short, so it would not be a time-consuming effort to help out.  The areas which still need review are:

– Self -Defense

– Hygiene

Life Skills Chili

If you are an expert in one of those topics, we would love your help.  This is a simple opportunity to make a huge difference in the life of some wonderful teens in China. 

Please contact Samantha Harris at info@lwbmail.com if you would be willing to assist!

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  • Rocky'sHope says:

    I am so thankful to learn of this program! When I learned that children age out when they turn 14, I was beyond heartbroken. I read your entry “On My Own” and I couldn’t even finish it the first time because of the tears. The thought of these precious children never having a family is just unbearable. My family was elderly and have all now passed away, so I know what it’s like to be alone. I had actually been hoping there were programs like this, and had been looking for them. I sponsor two little girls in China, (one through LWB – foster care), and I also advocate for adoption for a couple of older girls who age out *this* November! 🙁 I would be devastated if they aren’t adopted. But I know sometimes children do age out, so I am so glad to learn that you are doing this!!