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New Clothes!

As you can imagine, the cleft home residents go through many outfits every day! With fifteen children in the home, and many messy eaters, the babies quickly dirty two or more outfits a day—making for many loads of laundry for the nannies!  Thanks to generous donations from people all around the world, our children have some very nice clothing. Recently, the home received a few suitcases worth of new outfits for the children—including some preemie sizes for our newest arrivals, and 9-12 month clothing for some of our bigger babies. We are very happy when the babies outgrow their clothing!

From the looks of these pictures, both the children and the nannies were very happy to receive these donations!   Thank you to everyone who helped in this great way.


The nannies picking and choosing which outfits are just right for their babies.

The babies are modeling their new outfits…


Do you like it, Wren?

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