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New doctor for Fuyang

Ever since we first learned of the Fuyang orphanage in Anhui, we have had a very special place in our heart for the children there. We are so grateful to our donors who stepped forward to provide them with a coal heating system, a bathroom and shower for the kids to use, new cribs, blankets, formula, and more.

One of the things that they told us about in October was a true need to have a doctor on staff, as so many of the babies who enter the orphanage are very sick. We are so happy to announce that a doctor has now been hired, and so simple medical care can now be provided, such as providing antibiotics and care to babies who spike high fevers or get pneumonia.

We are funding this doctor at the moment out of general funds but hope to have a place on our website soon where we can list projects like this in case anyone wants to get involved.
We are so happy that the babies in Fuyang will now have a doctor on site to help watch over them.

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  • LWB says:

    Hi Allison. We stopped that program when the local government agreed to fund the medical staffing at the Fuyang orphanage. The orphanage is under new leadership, and the most of the original staff is no longer there.

  • Allison Singleton says:

    ??Just curious if this doctor featured has remained the sole doctor until the present?