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New Medical Cases in China

This week we’ve welcome four new children into our medical program.  We’d like to introduce you to them so you can send every positive thought their way.

The first two children are from separate orphanages in central China. Baby Avery is from one of our partner orphanages and was admitted to the provincial children’s hospital with a severe case of pneumonia. Since he has a heart defect as well, we knew he needed urgent medical care to have the best chance possible of pulling through.

Avery was also born with microtia of his right ear, and we know you’ll agree he has the sweetest little face.

This week, our team was invited to visit an orphanage we had not been inside before. Two of our healing home directors made the long drive and spent the day meeting all of the children.

In one crib, they saw a little boy who had a large swollen abdomen that was hard to the touch. They learned that little Tobias had been born with a condition called anal atresia, which is often a life-threatening emergency. Despite never having medical care for his condition, somehow this little boy has found the strength to survive. Our team rushed him urgently to a hospital with top surgeons trained in the specialized surgery he needs, and we are hopeful that his operation will take place within a few days.

After receiving some much-needed medications, Tobias was thankfully feeling a great deal of relief.

We also welcomed two new children into our Unity Initiative, which helps rural families who cannot afford the costs of their children’s medical care. We’d like you to meet Weston, who is the absolute apple of his parents’ eyes at the age of not-quite-two. When Weston was born, he went into immediate breathing distress and had to be put in the ICU. Soon after, his family learned he had a large hole in the chambers of his heart. Unable to afford his operation, they have watched their little boy battle repeated illness and breathing difficulties.

Weston’s father sent us a letter which described his worries over not being able to help his little boy. He wrote: “Thinking of caring for my aging parents and my young child, plus the huge surgery cost and our previous debt for medications, we are in despair. We plead your helpful hand to help my son to get his surgery soon.”

Our Unity Initiative has also accepted little Frannie for surgery help, and her story reads like the movie The Farewell. (Trust us, you should watch it if you haven’t.) When she was born four years ago, she was very small and sickly, and she would continually spike fevers which worried her mother immensely. A few months ago, Frannie was taken to a larger hospital during one of her severe illnesses, and a doctor told her mom that little girl had been born with a large hole between her heart ventricles. Her mother was so distraught hearing the news and told us she felt like she was “falling apart.” She felt so much guilt for not discovering her daughter’s condition sooner.

When she traveled back home with Frannie, she learned that her family already knew about her little girl’s condition! They had been told shortly after Frannie’s birth. But since the mom had needed a C-section and had been through so much with the delivery, her family decided it was best to not share the tragic news as they were afraid it would be too much to bear. Her family kept Frannie’s medical condition secret, hoping that the hole in her heart would close on its own. Now, the surgeon has let them know that the hole is simply too large. Frannie needs heart surgery soon to have a chance at a long life.

We are honored to welcome these four children into the LWB family for care and are currently raising the funds they need on our medical sponsorship page. We are truly grateful for every good thought and wish of healing sent their way.

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  • LWB says:

    We’re so very grateful that you stepped up to help Frannie and her family get the surgery she needs. Thank you so much, and best wishes to you and YOUR family!

  • Chantal says:

    Two of my four children from China were born with VSD and I am certain that played a part in their families’ decision to part with them. I wish the Unity program had been available to them. I donated for Frannie’s surgery and wish her family the best..