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New Medical Photoshow

Karen Maunu, our medical director, has put together a photo show of some of the beautiful children healed through LWB in 2007. You can watch it here:

If the direct link doesn’t work, you can also click this link:


If LWB wins the Facebook Charity Challenge on February 1st, we will be able to use the prize money to heal even more wonderful kids like those in this video. If you haven’t yet joined up to donate $10, we are hoping you will as we are still in first place, but only by a handful of people. We need as many new donors as possible within the next 2 days. The next 48 hours will decide whether 10 beautiful babies with heart disease can have the operations they need for a healthy life.

Visit http://apps.facebook.com/causes/view_cause/51591 to make a $10 donation and bring us one step closer to Facebook’s $50,000 prize. Together we can do this! And let 10 precious children receive the gift of life.

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