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New Teachers for a New School

This September, Love Without Boundaries will be opening a brand new Believe in Me School in Shaoguan, a mountainous area in Guangdong Province. In preparation for this exciting new venture, all three new teachers and one aide attended the LWB teacher training held in Huainan a few weeks ago. This month they will go to a Montessori training academy for two weeks of training. Once they return and get their classrooms organized, the school will open with 29 children in three classes! Below is a sneak peek of the Shaoguan kids. We have a suspicion that the new teachers are going to have a lively time with this group!

The manager of the Believe in Me School in Shaoguan will be Helen (not pictured), who is from the area. Helen has been teaching middle school English for 15 years. After college she moved back to Shaoguan to help her people.  She says that joining LWB is another amazing way to help. She is so excited to be a part of this new school!

Teacher Deng, seen above, is one of the new Believe in Me teachers. She brings a lot of experience from teaching in a local kindergarten since 1991.

Teacher Dai has taught kindergarten since July 1997. She is also excited to be joining the LWB team! In her words, it is “because I am a lady with kind heart, with which I can devote myself to the children, especially the children who badly need the help. I would challenge myself with my kindness, patience, and care. I want to take good care of the special group of the children to make them receive the education and to cultivate their latent capacities.”

Teacher Mo worked as a teacher from 2002 to 2008 and has been working to take care of children with autism since then.  In her application she stated that, “As a mother, I love children very much. I show great mercy to the kids who are weak in both physical and mental abilities. I think they need not only our care but education. I will try to help the lovely children by working for LWB.”

Ms. Zheng is a young lady who has been working in the Shaoguan orphanage as a nurse’s assistant since 2010.  She is going to be the teacher’s aide for the three classes at the Believe in Me Shaoguan School.  She is excited to begin and states, “because I want to try my best to help the children who need help.”

We have received a generous donation to open the Believe in Me School in Shaoguan and keep it running for at least three years. Also we have a second sponsor group that wants to help with nutritous snacks for the children, field trips, and other “extras.”  Now that you’ve had a chance to meet the teachers, we look forward to introducing you to the new students this fall!

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