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New Tuan Yuan Grant Announced

All of us at Love Without Boundaries are pleased to announce our fifth Tuan Yuan Adoption Assistance Grant recipient of 2008! Zhi is a wonderful little boy who has been featured in our Kids for Kids newsletter and is a favorite among LWB volunteers, who have nicknamed him “Rocky.”



Rocky earned his nickname as a student in our Believe in Me school in Changde, Hunan. Rocky was shy and would pretend to be asleep whenever the volunteers would visit. When he thought no one was looking, Rocky would open his eyes and take a peek at the visiting LWB volunteers, who would chuckle and pretend not to notice. In time, he overcame his fear and learned to giggle and have fun with them. His bravery earned the respect of the LWB volunteers who gave him the nickname “Rocky.” Rocky is now six years old and needs a Forever Family to help him reach his full potential.



Rocky has a $3,000 Tuan Yuan Grant to help with his adoption expenses. Please help Rocky find his Forever Family!


Learn more about Rocky and our Tuan Yuan Adoption Assistance Grant Program by clicking here .



Debbie Smith
Tuan Yuan Adoption Assistance Coordinator


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