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Newborn Twins Ana and Lisa Arrive at the Mukono Baby Room

In early January, we learned of twin newborn girls in Uganda whose mother passed away the day after their birth. What an enormous loss for these preemie sisters.

It’s heartbreaking to think of any mom losing her life giving birth. Maternal deaths vary greatly around the world, but the highest rates are still found primarily in Africa. Maternal mortality rates (MMR) are measured per 100,000 live births, and the majority of countries now have a rate lower than 70. An enormous disparity still exists, however, with countries like Greece and Singapore having MMRs of just 3, while South Sudan’s rate is a tragic 2,054.

Uganda has made great strides in reducing maternal deaths over the last five years, but their maternal death rate is still a far too high 336.

When these preemie twins were brought to Tender Hearts and the Mukono Baby Room, they weighed just 3 pounds each. They were given the names Ana and Lisa.


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The medical team there immediately got to work to make sure the girls were stabilized, and the nannies then began feeding the girls nutritious formula.

For these precious twins to thrive, we are going to need lots more specialized formula. High-quality formula in Uganda costs $33 a can, and we want to make sure these tiny girls have as much as they need to reach full health.

We would welcome gifts of any amount to our Preemie and Special Formula fund and look forward to bringing you updates on Ana and Lisa’s progress.

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