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Foster Care News from Lu’An

Our foster care program director, Arlene Howard, is currently in China with some other great LWB volunteers visiting all of our programs in Anhui and Henan. They arrived bright and early in Lu’an ready for a full day’s work. The children were so excited to see them coming, as they know that visitors often mean lots of hugs and new toys! Jenny especially loved her new baby doll, and George obviously loved his new world ball.

Some of the older children were studying with their tutor when our team arrived, and very quickly the whole visit turned into a party atmosphere. The children have always loved to be photographed as they like seeing their digital images on the camera screen, but we had a new surprise today for them with our video camera. They thought video was the greatest thing ever, and soon the girls were singing and dancing for us. The oldest boy in our Lu’an foster care program took great delight in clearing the area so that he could do cartwheels on film!

Arlene got to visit three of the children who were Anhui Cleft Healing Home grads — Chelsea (above), Leah, and Kevin (below). All of them are doing absolutely great in their foster homes. One of the goals of our programs is to work together for the good of the “whole child.”  We love that our medical, healing homes, and foster care teams can coordinate to make sure each child is served in the best way possible.

All too soon it was time for a final hug goodbye before heading to the next town.

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