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News from the Henan Cleft Healing Home

Things can change so quickly with small babies… little Stephan and David Michael from Henan Cleft Home have both been ill.

Stephen was having difficulty feeding so was admitted to the hospital so he could alternate between tube feeding and bottle feeding. He returned to the Cleft Home but was again taken seriously ill; he remains in the hospital in NICU. Please keep this dear little boy in your thoughts and prayers.

David Michael was stable on antibiotics, but a trip to the hospital for a checkup proved to be very hard for him. It was very hot and he had breathing difficulties. David Michael is now back in the Cleft Home but is taking antibiotics and medicine for his cough.

On the bright side, little Stephanie is thriving! The Cleft Home staff say she is a happy baby who loves to play in the bouncy chair or crib. She adores music, looking at herself in the mirror and eating watermelon! She is growing stronger and more independent every day.

Our new Cleft Home has certainly opened with some very needy little children, but our Cleft Home staff are doing a marvelous job under the guidance of our Cleft Home Manager, Stephanie. We are also hoping to have some new children enter the home in the near future.

For more information about sponsoring any of the children in the Henan Cleft Home, please go to www.lovewithoutboundaries.com/healing_home_SponsorCleftHomeChild.cfm

Arlene Howard is the Lu’An Foster Care Coordinator and Cleft Home Assistant. She is mum to 3 wonderful girls, the youngest of whom was adopted from Dingyuan, Anhui in 2002.

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