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Samuel was born with a cleft lip and palate in a remote part of the Tibetan Plateau. Last April, he and his father and uncle made the long journey from their home to Henan province so that Samuel could have cleft repair surgery during our 2015 Cleft Medical Exchange.


Samuel, uncle left, father right-1290Samuel with his uncle and father before surgery

Recently one of our volunteers visited Samuel at home, and we are happy to report that Samuel is doing very well!

Samuel 3.16

Samuel, who is now seven years old, had an unrepaired cleft palate for six years which impeded his ability to speak. Now that his palate is repaired, his parents are concerned that he still shows no interest in speaking.  They plan to send him to a local temple for a period in the hopes of encouraging him to try.

Samuel rice 3.16

Samuel’s little sister used to have eye infections and is also doing well now after we recommended that her family use clean hot towels to clean her eyes. Look how bright her eyes are!

Samuel's sister 3.16

Like many children in the Tibetan Plateau, Samuel’s diet consisted mainly of barley flour and tea. As a result, when he arrived at our Cleft Medical Exchange last year, his iron was low (read more in our blog, Day Three of the 2015 Cleft Medical Exchange). Many LWB supporters wanted to help Samuel’s entire family get better nutrition, and we received enough donations to purchase five yaks to provide milk, butter, and cheese for the family.  (You can read about this in last year’s blog, Yak Delivery On the Tibetan Plateau.)

Samuel's yaks 2 3.16

Samuel's yaks 3.16

We are pleased to report that the yaks we bought for Samuel’s family are generally doing well and have multiplied!

Samuel's dad w yaks 3.16Samuel’s father with the yaks

Samuel’s father found a job guarding a construction site in the local area. So the whole family now lives on the premises at the construction site.

Samuel's home 3.16Samuel’s new home

They are still very poor but feel happy and forever grateful for the help they received from afar.

Samuel's hometown2 Tibetan Plateau 3.16

Samuel's hometown Tibetan Plateau 3.16Samuel’s hometown

Samuel’s story touched many people around the world last year. By western standards, this family is impoverished, and we would consider their lives to be difficult.

Samuel's family 3.16

But in truth, this family is content. Just like us, they want what is best for their children and do all that they they can to give them a better life.

We are honored that we could play a small part in helping them and thank everyone who helped to make this happen!

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