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Niamh, Grandpa’s Girl

Niamh and grandpa smaller

When we pulled up to visit Niamh and her foster sister several weeks ago, we were greeted on the street by Niamh and her beloved foster grandpa. In October, Niamh, who has Down Syndrome, turned eight years old.  She wasn’t walking until very recently, and she was so proud to take her grandpa’s hand and march us down the block to her home!

Niamh walking2

Niamh walking

In fact, we even captured some of Niamh’s walk on video and enjoyed seeing her wave to us.

When we gave Niamh her new coat, she allowed her foster mom to zipper it up. However, she seemed the most interested in the tag which we had taken off of the coat and really wanted to play with that!

Niamh crop

Niamh was also very happy in the arms of her foster mom and especially enjoys sitting with her at meals. However, we really saw her eyes light up when grandpa was around.  Her latest report says that she is shy around strangers and really gets excited when her foster grandpa comes home and asks him for a hug!

Niamh is said to behave quite nicely during meals, and sweets and fruits are her favorites.  Although Niamh doesn’t speak much more than simple phrases, she seemed to understand quite a bit.  Her expressive face speaks volumes, and she has quite a sense of humor.  She enjoys making people laugh with her silly faces!

Niamh smaller

Niamh (whose name is pronounced “Neeve”)  is on the shared list and is waiting for her forever family to find her.  She has an adoption grant of $2,500 through an agency in addition to a grant of $2,056 on Reece’s Rainbow (where she is known as “Nina”).  This funny girl is full of personality and burgeoning independence, and we think could bring joy to a forever family of her own!

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