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It’s been awhile since we updated everyone on Niamh, the resident character of our Dingyuan foster care program. Please enjoy her news, and help us spread the word that she is still waiting to be matched with a forever family!

niamh 5

Eight year old Niamh is one smart cookie! Recently, while walking in the village with her foster grandfather, Niamh spotted our foster care manager and immediately began pointing and guiding them back to her foster home as she knew that is where they always have their visits.

niamh 8

Niamh has Down Syndrome.  Although Niamh does not speak many words, she seems to understand everything that is being said to her. A few words that she speaks well are, “Hold me,” “Go!” and  “Come here!”

niamh 4

Niamh loves to be busy and go out into the village. She and her foster grandfather often walk down and watch people play chess or go to the supermarket where she is a regular customer. When Niamh is upset, her foster grandfather knows to take her outside to play as that always makes her happy.

Niamh2 9.14

At times, clever Niamh keeps her foster mother on her toes. Although she can put on her shoes by herself, she will sometimes insist that she can not and she requests that her foster mother do it for her!

Niamhandmom 8.14


Niamh can also be a very sweet and thoughtful girl. Her foster mother said one time she was the last person to the dinner table.  Upon seeing her sit down, Niamh passed her a pair of chopsticks. Niamh will also take meat out of her bowl and share it with her foster mom. This made her foster mother very happy to see her thinking about and being considerate towards others!

niamh 1

Niamh (whose name is pronounced “Neeve”) is on the shared list and is waiting for her forever family to find her. She has an adoption grant of $7,064 on Reece’s Rainbow (where she is known as “Nina”). We previously blogged about her last fall in “Niamh, Grandpa’s Girl”.

Niamh2 8.13.14

Just thinking of the laughter and joy this little one could bring to a family makes us very hopeful that she will get her chance.

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact adoption@lwbmail.com with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

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  • Jill D says:

    How could this be Niamh? She has grown so much!!! Her foster parents are doing a fantastic job.