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Nick and Lester’s Big Bike Ride for Kids

And they’re off! Nick and Lester, two forty-somethings from Gloucestershire, are biking through the UK in an attempt to raise funds for LWB and kids in China.

Here’s a note from their last post before the big ride:

“Nick and I had our final (err, first) planning session today.Principal conclusion is that it’s a very long way. So far, in fact, that the highlighter pen threatened to run out as we marked up our route on the road atlas. Even ripping out all the non-relevant pages of the road atlas, we’re still left with a hefty chunk of paper and ink.We have had a go with our bikes fully laden and I think I need to radically reduce my packing. Just how many clothes does a man need for a fortnight?”

Let’s all wish them well. We know they are INCREDIBLE SPORTS, especially since they agreed to wear a funny hat to double their pledges!

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