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Nicole, Before and After

As everyone who reads this blog knows, all of us at LWB have a tender heart for babies born with cleft lip. We have seen so many tiny babies with cleft struggle to feed in an orphanage setting. Their strong wills and determination to survive make us work even harder to make sure every baby with cleft that comes into our hands is given a second chance. We absolutely LOVE sharing their photos, but sometimes we hear from people who say they simply cannot look at the “before” photos as it makes them feel too uncomfortable. When we get those letters, we always wonder if we should stop showing so many pictures of kids with unrepaired lips. However, we always come back to the thought that perhaps if people see enough of them, they will begin to see the beauty of each child no matter how severe their cleft is.

Today we wanted to share a one year “before and after” with you, as we never ever get tired of seeing these beautiful children grow and thrive. Nicole, featured in the amazing before and after shot above, lived in our Anhui Cleft Healing Home and had her lip repaired last April. Today, she lives in LWB foster care, and her foster mom says she is full of life and loves being outdoors in the sunshine. Isn’t she lovely? Thank you to everyone who helps make these transformations possible!

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