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Noah’s Race to Help Children in China

As most people know, a marathon is 26.21 miles. College student Noah Finco set a goal of running the 26.21 miles of the Bank of American Chicago marathon as a way to raise $2,621 to help children in LWB’s Healing Homes program. Noah’s mother, Kate Finco, is part of LWB’s Leadership team, and so Noah knew that the funds he raised would be put to excellent use to help medically fragile children.

Noah and his proud mom, Kate Finco

Noah is in his junior year at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and he sent an email to all of the people in his residence hall explaining why he was raising funds for LWB. He followed up by hosting a fundraiser in his dorm called a ‘Miracle Minute’. During a Miracle Minute, the student leaders announce what they are collecting money for and then the Resident Assistants run around the dorm collecting change. Students were very excited and ran after Noah in the halls saying “Wait, I found some more change.” That’s pretty impressive when you are talking about college students who could have spent their change on a pizza! $125 was raised in change alone.

Of course Noah needed more than $125 to reach his goal of $2,621 for our Healing Homes program, and many people generously stepped up to support him and his cause.

On the day of the marathon Noah proudly wore LWB’s Every Child Counts tank top to remind him of why he was running!

Here are a few fun facts about the Bank of America Chicago Marathon:

  • 70,000 people applied to run in the marathon but, through a lottery, only 40,000 were allowed to participate
  • There were participants from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and more than 100 countries
  • The route took them through 29 neighborhoods, spanning from Lakeview to Chinatown and crossing the Chicago River six times.

Not only did Noah meet his fundraising goal, but he also met his personal goal of finishing the marathon in under four hours. His race time was 3:42:11. He said mile 23 was the hardest!

Noah, like your mom we are so very proud of you and your heart for helping children in need!

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