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Norah: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Six-month-old Norah lives with her family of seven in rural Anhui province. With little land and low income, this family of seven has experienced great financial hardship. 

Norah was born with a large hole in her heart along with some other medical issues. Due to their extreme poverty, her family has been unable to get her the treatment she needs. Sometimes in situations like this, a family will feel forced to leave their child in an orphanage’s care in the hopes of getting her the medical care she needs but they cannot afford. We are so happy that Norah’s family is determined to keep their family together and are pleased that they learned about our Unity Initiative, designed to help families in circumstances like this.

To raise funds for Norah’s heart surgery, The Firm Foundations Class at Brentwood Baptist Church challenged itself to give up one date-night dinner out and donate the money saved. Instead of going to a nice restaurant, couples can “Chow Down” on a favorite “Low-Down” (cheap) guilty pleasure food and donate the price of a date night to little Norah.  We are so grateful to this Sunday School class for wanting to help Norah and her family remain together!

Anyone else interested in donating to Norah’s medical care can do so either through the “Low-Down Chow Down” fundraiser or on Norah’s sponsorship page on our website. Either way, we look forward to helping this family get the help they need!

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