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Not All Superheroes Wear Capes: The Chinese Student Organization at Rutgers

For a number of years, the Chinese Student Organization (CSO) of Rutgers University has generously donated funds to help children in LWB programs. In 2016, two LWB team members had the privilege of attending ChinaNite, one of their main fundraising events, and had an amazing evening! We ended up being inspired by this group of passionate undergraduate students.

When we arrived, we were amazed by the size and sheer numbers of students excitedly buying tickets and lining up to get in. The CSO Vice-president, Barry Li, escorted us to front row seats. Approximately 300 students were in attendance in addition to about 50 models/dancers/actors.

We played a short video about LWB thanking the students of the Chinese Student Organization for the support they have given to us over the years, and the packed room listened attentively before the show began. We were especially excited to share that one of the orphaned boys they helped sponsor for heart surgery was in the process of being adopted!

ChinaNite was a contemporary mix of video, stage performance, interpretive dancing, and runway modeling all wrapped up into one exciting show.

At intermission, the CSO auctioned off the chance to shave Vice-President Barry’s head to benefit LWB. A group of students pooled their resources and ended up bidding $125!

Barry’s hair was so thick that they could only shave one stripe down the middle until the electric razor broke, and he gamely agreed to wear this “stripe” for at least a week before shaving the rest to match. What a good sport!

The Rutgers newspaper, The Daily Targum, featured the event and praised the students for being one of the few cultural organizations on campus to hold charity events. ChinaNite raised an incredible $3,000 for Love Without Boundaries!

Just a few weeks ago, the CSO held their big fall event, a semiformal called CARE – Children’s Annual Remembrance Event.

Not only was it an evening of fun, food, entertainment and dancing for the students involved, but through their efforts they raised over $500 for LWB’s Emergency Medical Fund that has helped babies like Jordy and Joanna.

As the CSO so wisely states:  “Not all heroes wear capes; some happen to wear semiformal attire.”  We say, wear whatever you like!  We are so grateful to everyone in the Rutgers CSO.

To see so many young college students joining together to raise money in such fun and creative ways to help orphaned and impoverished children in China is absolutely heartwarming.

We would love to see Chinese student organizations from other universities become inspired by the awesome Rutgers Chinese Student Organization and consider ways that they, too, can help change the world by helping children in need!

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