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Now, Where Exactly Are We Going?

Little Sam and Eoin look rather confused! In the top photo, these buddies from our Henan Cleft Healing Home are all bundled up and ready to go to the hospital to receive cleft repair surgeries. They don’t look too thrilled with the hats and jackets and they probably weren’t too happy with life right after the surgery…but we know they will be very excited with the final results.  Take a look at them now, just days after their repairs!

Big-eyed Sam doesn’t look too sure about giving us a smile yet as his surgery for bilateral cleft palate was complicated.  Before long, he should be much more comfortable and will use those gorgeous expressive eyes to complement his new smile!

This winter, Eoin has had some health issues that prevented him from being eligible for surgery, but last week he experienced a window of good health and was eligible.  Although Eoin doesn’t understand the drama that surrounded his repair, HCHH’s gentlest boy does seem to be rather pleased with his new look!

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  • taramcnatt says:

    Those two boys are just DARLING!!! Looking at their pictures makes me anxious to get my Henan cleft baby home and have his repairs done! 🙂