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Oh the places you will go, and the things you will do . . .

As I browsed through the pictures of the newest babies at the cleft home, I was struck by how much Lance looked like Becca, one of the “founding residents” of the home. Even though Lance is a boy and Becca is a little girl, when you compare their bundled up baby pictures, where you can only really see their faces, and especially their eyes, Lance reminds me of Becca. In this same batch of pictures, I happened upon a whole series of pictures of Becca in her foster family, and began to dream big dreams for little Lance.

Do you see the similarity?

Becca spent a few months in the home, had surgery, and now is living in a foster family…experiencing the love (and adventures!) of a family. It is of course our hope that all children in Love Without Boundaries programs will one day have a family of their very own, but in the mean time, we believe foster care is the best possible alternative. It is my hope and dream that Lance will fatten up quickly, receive surgery, and experience the love of a family—perhaps a foster family at first, but eventually a forever family—just like Becca.

Is that the sign of a happy girl, or what?

The many adventures being in a family can bring…

Beautiful, beautiful Becca

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