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Oh What a Beautiful Boy

We are so grateful to everyone who kept BaoJin in their prayers last week as he had his very complex surgery to remove a huge tumor from his backside. The tumor itself ended up weighing over 4 pounds. Today Tingting went to visit him at Shanghai Children’s and she reported that he is doing just so great. Today was the first day he could be up and held, and so his caregiver held him constantly and walked with him everywhere. Tingting said you could see her walking up and down the hallways with him in her arms. He just loved being held and any time his aunty would try to put him back down for a moment he would cry, so everyone took turns loving on this sweet child.

His story has certainly touched so many people in Shanghai. There was a 13 year old girl in the hospital herself who had been coming to visit him each day, and when they told her that she was being discharged, she didn’t want to leave because she wanted to feed BaoJin one more time!

He also got a little stuffed animal today and absolutely loved it.

We are all so thrilled that he has been healed and is on the road to recovery. His story is truly one that we will never forget, as so many people thought he did not have a chance and yet once again we have been shown what miraculous things happen when people come together to touch the life of a child.

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