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Oh what fun is a Field Trip!

The teachers of the Believe In Me Too school in Hunan recently took the students on a field trip to the Changde Chrysanthemum Show. If you follow our blogs, you may remember that these children spent part of their summer learning about and growing plants. This was a wonderful opportunity for them to learn even more about plants and flowers.

The trip began with lunch at KFC. I am so proud to know that these students displayed such good manners and behavior during their meal while still having such fun.

Next the class headed to the park to see the beautiful flowers. I have been told that everyone was so impressed with the knowledge that these young children had. They remembered what they learned this summer and applied this knowledge to the chrysanthemums.

There was also a playground at this park for some extra fun.

Soon it was time to go home. With everyone in accounted for and in line, this class headed home. We are grateful that our teachers in China who were willing to extend the learning to outside the classroom.

Missy Ridley

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